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About Us

Flowers' Square has been providing its innovative services to potential customers since 2008. We are proud to receive persistent positive opinions in regards to our business and further willing to invest higher customer service to satisfy our consumers. Flowers' Square has been coordinating with major enterprises such as Swiss Perfumes, Royal Beach Resort & Spa, Al Khalidiah Tourism LLC, Lords Hotel Sharjah etc. where our flower decorations carve the offices and settings of these companies. Flowers' Square uses two-way communication as a form of median when interacting with the customers, meaning that detailed feedback and information is gathered when orders are taken. In addition to superior customer service Flowers's Square strongly holds confidentiality between itself and the customers. We work towards designing various events with eligible flowers and accessories. As per the code of conduct of our business, we vehemently consider the final evaluation of our consumers before the order is completed. As an external notice, Flowers' Square operates ethic environmentally, socially and economically. We support our labour in special situations, we recycle the left overs of raw materials used and finally we assure that our customers stay aware of the legislations imposed by the state under which we operate, thus preventing any possible economical disputes.