Father's Day

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Blue Aroma Bouquet Buy online

Blue Aroma Bouquet

From AED 299.00
Introducing the Blue Aroma Bouquet - a beautiful and fragrant floral arrangement that will add a touch of elegance to any space. This stunning bouquet features a carefully curated selection...
grand sunflower bouquet price

20% OFF

Grand Sunflower Bouquet

AED 299.00From AED 239.00
Introducing the Grand Sunflower Bouquet - a stunning and impressive display of nature's beauty. The bouquet is made up of large, golden yellow sunflowers with a backdrop of lush greenery,...
Snow White Roses Order Online in Flowers' Square Shop

Snow White Roses

AED 399.00
Grandiose White Roses Arrangement that will bliss any atmosphere. Order this magnificent box for your loved ones.   Height: 60 Cm Width: 65 Cm The box comes in Fresh Mix...
Ocean Blue flower Bouquet

14% OFF

Ocean Blue Bouquet

AED 349.00From AED 299.00
A stunning arrangement of blooms that perfectly captures the essence of the ocean. Handcrafted with care by expert florists, this bouquet is a great gift for him.   Size and Flowers Height:...
Green Jungle Bouquet by Flowers' Square

Green Jungle Bouquet

From AED 299.00
Introducing the Green Jungle Bouquet, a stunning floral arrangement that brings the lush beauty of the rainforest right into your home. This magnificent bouquet features a variety of tropical greenery....
Avatar Flower Vase

Avatar Flower Vase

AED 349.00
This vibrant Avatar Flower Vase adds a lovely touch of elegance to any living space. Perfect for brightening up your home or office, it features a beautifully designed Avatar artificial...
1 Forever Rose Blue in Dubai

17% OFF

1 Forever Rose Blue

AED 299.00AED 249.00
Forever roses with unique preservation method can sustain its freshness for 3-5 years without watering and management, keeping your love eternal. Order this forever love.   Size and Flowers Height:...
3 Forever Roses Blue in Dubai

24% OFF

3 Forever Roses Blue

AED 499.00AED 379.00
Forever roses with unique preservation method can sustain its freshness for 3-5 years without watering and management, keeping your love eternal. Order this forever love.   Size and Flowers Height: 40 Cm...
Galaxy Enchanted Rose in Dubai

Galaxy Enchanted Rose

AED 229.00
The never fade Enchanted Sparkly Rose represents Faith in Love Forever. This gift is unique to appreciate the magical existence of women in our lives. This replica of the Enchanted...
Light Pink Rose Box

Light Pink Rose Box

AED 299.00
Introducing our enchanting Light Pink Rose Box, a perfect blend of elegance and romance that will captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression. Nestled within this exquisite box are...
FS Celebration Box by Flowers Square

FS Celebration Box

AED 269.00
Introducing the exquisite FS Celebration Box, a thoughtfully curated gift box designed to captivate the senses and create lasting memories. This luxurious ensemble combines the allure of fine fragrances with...
Blue Spring Flower Vase

Blue Spring Flower Vase

AED 229.00
Introducing the "Blue Spring Flower Vase" - the perfect way to add a burst of sunshine and cheer to your home decor! This stunning vase is crafted from high-quality ceramic...