Can we gift flowers to guys

Can We Gift Flowers To Guys?

Dec 12, 2023

Renowned male painters from Europe and Japan, including Monet, van Gogh, Hiroshige, and Renoir, are celebrated for their artistic interpretations of flower gardens and composed arrangements. Edouard Manet, the French painter, notably dedicated the last six months of his life to painting still lifes of floral bouquets he received as gifts.

In American culture, a curious observation arises: why is it that the first time many men receive flowers is at their funerals? Shouldn't the beauty of earth's natural gifts be savored by everyone, irrespective of their gender identity?

Typically, flower deliveries  are directed towards women to convey sentiments of love, friendship, appreciation, or to mark achievements. However, a poll by the Society of American Florists discovered that over 60 percent of surveyed men expressed a desire to receive flowers as gifts.

 Snow White Roses

Traditionally, men demonstrate love and appreciation through acts of service, driven by the societal expectation to be providers. This historical pressure often compels men to prove their worthiness and lovability through tangible contributions, sacrificing personal well-being in the process.

For men, fully embracing the act of receiving flowers bouquet  requires vulnerability, a willingness to be "small," and permitting others to express love or appreciation in their unique ways. Societal structures make it uncomfortable for men to be served, receive gifts, or acknowledge their own worthiness.

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An anecdote illustrates this discomfort, where a man receiving flowers immediately re-gifted them, possibly due to ingrained notions that flowers aren't traditionally for men or that he was undeserving of gratitude.

There is a suggestion that men who feel discomfort when receiving flowers or any gift should consider the giver's intent, holding the gesture in their hearts and minds to accept their worthiness.

The narrative calls for a shift in the dynamic of gifting flowers, challenging outdated gender stereotypes that limit people's identities and worth to an obsolete hierarchy. All individuals deserve the chance to appreciate the beauty of receiving floral gifts and the positive intentions behind them.

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Research indicates that men who receive flowers exhibit increased communication and openness, fostering a sense of safety and love in their relationships. Embracing the gift of flowers has the potential to reshape a man's self-perception, emphasizing the transformative power of allowing oneself to be seen, loved, and feeling inherently worthy. If men can alter their internal narratives, the possibility of influencing broader societal change becomes apparent. 

Masculine Flowers: Flowers That Guys Like


Masculine Blooms for Men's Preferences:

Anthurium: The tropical appeal of anthurium plants stands out with striking red flowers and vibrant green foliage, making a bold statement.

Tulips: Opt for large tulips in solid, assertive colors like purple, red, gold, or other captivating shades.

Sunflowers: Embrace the charm of sizable, lively sunflowers in a bouquet that exudes cheerfulness and charisma.

Mums: Chrysanthemums, known to symbolize friendship, come in diverse shapes and vibrant hues, offering a robust and appealing choice.

Roses: Classic roses in maroon or deep red add a touch of sophistication, suitable for various occasions.

Bird of Paradise: For a distinctive and attention-grabbing choice, consider the exotic allure of the bird of paradise flower. 


What Occasions Are Best To Send Guys Flowers?

Now that we are aware that guys appreciate flowers on various occasions, consider gifting them for the following special moments: Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, get well soon, congratulations, sympathy.

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