White Flowers

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Snow White Roses Order Online in Flowers' Square Shop

Snow White Roses

AED 399.00
Grandiose White Roses Arrangement that will bliss any atmosphere. Order this magnificent box for your loved ones.   Height: 60 Cm Width: 65 Cm The box comes in Fresh Mix...
Hydrangea Box, Cake and Balloons

18% OFF

Hydrangea Box, Cake and Balloons

AED 399.00AED 329.00
Surprise your loved ones with our special Value Package! Our Hydrangea Box, Hazelnut Fudge Cake and 3 Golden Helium Balloons are sure to make your special occasion unforgettable. Crafted with the...
Red and White Flower Box

Red and White Flower Box

AED 329.00
Red and White Flower Box is a very cheerful combination to flatter your beloved ones and guests. Order Now from Flowers' Square.   Height: 40 Cm Width: 50 Cm The...
Tall White Box

Tall White Box

AED 229.00
Tall White Box is perfect for happy occasions and family celebrations. Order Now Online.   Height: 60 Cm Width: 25 Cm The box comes with 16 Premium White Explorer Roses...
White Forever Rose With Necklace in FS shop

White Forever Rose With Necklace

AED 269.00
Forever roses with unique preservation method can sustain its freshness for 3-5 years without watering and management, keeping your love eternal. The bottom of the box features LOVE YOU necklace, by looking...
White Orchid Plant Buy online

White Orchid Plant

AED 199.00
Bring beauty and serenity to your home with this gorgeous White Orchid Plant. With its amazing, velvety white petals and sweet, delicate scent, this stunning flowering plant will add grace...
White Roses & Hydrangea

White Roses & Hydrangea

From AED 389.00
Introducing the stunning "White Roses & Hydrangea" bouquet - a beautiful arrangement that exudes grace, elegance, and sophistication. This bouquet features a carefully curated selection of the finest white roses...
White Yellow Tulips Buy online

White Yellow Tulips

From AED 439.00
This beautiful White Yellow Tulips bouquet is perfect for any occasion! With bright white and vibrant yellow detailing each bloom, these tulips will help to create a cheerful atmosphere for...
White Tulip Box in Dubai

White Tulip Box

AED 949.00
The White Tulip Box is a stunning and elegant decorative box that will add a touch of sophistication to any room. Its smooth, glossy finish gives it a modern and...
White Tulip Bouquet by Flowers' Square

White Tulip Bouquet

From AED 719.00
  Introducing the White Tulip Bouquet, a stunning floral arrangement that is sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who receives it. This beautiful bouquet features a collection of...
White Lilies and Roses

White Lilies and Roses

From AED 199.00
A bouquet of White Lilies and Roses is a sophisticated and elegant way to express your love and affection. This beautifully arranged bouquet features a mix of pristine white lilies...
Lite Spirit Flower Box and Assorted Baklava

12% OFF

Lite Spirit Flower Box and Assorted Baklava

AED 569.00AED 499.00
Lite Spirit Flower Box and Assorted Baklava - gift the perfect flower and sweet to go with it. The Flower Box is a unique and eye-catching arrangement that is sure to...