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Plush bouquet in Flower square

11% OFF

Modern Plush Bouquet

AED 449.00From AED 399.00
This modern plush bouquet will put a stylish touch to any home. An elegant choice full of comfort, it's perfect for adding a hint of sophistication to your decor. Transform...
Flowers world

14% OFF

World of Oz Flowers

AED 369.00AED 319.00
Our World of Oz Flowers box is a delightful assortment of blooms. Smell the sweet aroma and feel the decadent softness of these captivating flowers, perfect for bringing joy to...
Assorted Flowers

16% OFF

Assorted Flower Box

AED 379.00AED 319.00
Assorted Flower Box is a gesture with full of emotions. Gift this terrific flower box to your loved one. Order now through Flowers' Square.   Size and Flowers Height: 35...
Love You Mom Pink Flower Box

18% OFF

Love You Mom Pink Flower Box

AED 399.00AED 329.00
Show your mom how much she means to you with our Love You Mom Pink Flower Box. This elegant and heartfelt gift is sure to bring a smile to her...
blue roses with box in flower shop

23% OFF

Blue Flower Box

AED 649.00AED 499.00
Take your special one to a magical world with this Blue Flower Box! This perfect addition to any room will fill the air with beauty and tranquility, thanks to its...
Blush Flower Box

Blush Flower Box

AED 289.00
This stunning Blush Flower Box evokes feelings of wonder and admiration with its captivating white and beige blooms. Perfect for any occasion, it offers an elegant, modern design for your...
Pink Realm Box of flowers

Pink Realm Box

AED 279.00
Welcome to the Pink Realm! This stunning box will add a chic, feminine touch to any room with its mix of light pink, white and beige flowers. Its elegant design...
fiesta flower box delivery

Fiesta Flower Box

AED 399.00
The Fiesta Flower Box is a colorful and vibrant way to add a touch of life to any room. The flower box features a variety of fresh flowers in shades...
Exotica Flower Bouquet in Flowers' Square Shop

Exotica Flower Bouquet

From AED 299.00
Exotica Flower Bouquet features an assortment of vibrant and exotic flowers expertly arranged in a stylish vase. Perfect for any occasion, this bouquet is sure to make a statement and...
Best Tulip Flowers in Dubai Online

14% OFF

Cocktail Tulip Bouquet

AED 349.00From AED 299.00
Introducing the Cocktail Tulip Bouquet, a fun and colorful floral arrangement that is perfect for any festive occasion. This bouquet features a mix of tulips in a range of vibrant...
Accent Flower price

Accent Flower Box

AED 299.00
Accent Flower Box holds a symphony of colorful flowers to cheer your loved ones and bring joy. Order below.   Height: 35 Cm Width 45 Cm The box comes in...
MOM Flower Box Pink in Dubai

24% OFF

MOM Flower Box Pink

AED 699.00AED 529.00
This beautiful MOM Flower Box features delicate pink spray roses, perfect for conveying love and appreciation. Surprise your mom with this heartfelt gift that combines elegance and fragrance. Show her...

Mixed Flowers Bouquets For Any Occasion
Life is too short to limit ourselves to a single type of flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days.

Mixed flower bouquets are a perfect choice to express a variety of emotions, from gratitude and friendship to love, thank you, congratulation and get well soon, among others.

Wide Range of Mixed Flowers Bouquets
Our diverse mix of colors and scents come together harmoniously to create beautiful mixed floral arrangements that celebrate diversity and bring joy.

Mixed Flowers Bouquet Delivery to Dubai, UAE
With free delivery in Dubai and updates on the delivery progress, you can be confident that your bouquet will arrive fresh and beautiful.