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Is Patchi a Luxury Chocolate?

Nov 3, 2023 · Send Flowers Online

Patchi is a premium chocolate brand known for its handmade chocolates and gifts, crafted from all-natural, high-quality ingredients. Patchi is a captivating experience that travelers and locals alike recognize instantly in the Middle East. Beyond its rich heritage, Patchi offers more than just chocolate-it's an invitation to engage all your senses. From tantalizing tastes and delightful aromas to varied textures and visually tempting creations, Patchi chocolates are a treat for the senses. Since pioneering the chocolate gift concept in 1974, Patchi has become renowned as "the world’s finest chocolate host." It transforms ordinary days into extraordinary moments, making celebrations and seasonal events unforgettable experiences.


Where is Patchi chocolate from?

 Patchi, a renowned chocolate manufacturer, was established in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1974 by Nizar Choucair, a passionate entrepreneur who discovered his love for chocolate at the age of eleven. Under Mr. Choucair's guidance, the small family business flourished and soon expanded internationally, opening its inaugural boutique in Amman, Jordan.



Why is Patchi chocolate so expensive?

Patchi's chocolates are luxurious yet not overly expensive. They offer a modern chocolate experience made with passion and innovation, blending tradition, expertise, quality, and artistry. Each chocolate tells a unique story, with over 55 flavors ranging from dark and milk to white and sugar-free options. They use natural ingredients without artificial colors or preservatives, creating a diverse range of chocolates with nuts, fruits, spices, and more. From unwrapped chocolates to gift boxes and unique arrangements, every Patchi product carries their unmistakable signature taste.


Why is Patchi chocolate famous?

As pioneers of the chocolate gift concept since 1974, Patchi has earned the title of "the world's finest chocolate host." This reputation is built on their ability to turn ordinary days into extraordinary moments, transforming celebrations and seasonal events into shared experiences and cherished memories.



Patchi offers a variety of creations, including:

Gift boxes: Patchi's gift boxes offer a variety of chocolates in vibrant, creative packaging. Each patchi chocolate box, whether cardboard, leather, wood, or tin, holds a unique selection of individually wrapped chocolates in various patchi chocolate flavors. Perfect for everyday enjoyment, sharing, or thoughtful gifts.

Decorated Chocolates: Patchi's artisans handcraft silk, lace, organza, velvet, leather, and paper decorations. These adorn our chocolates at counters and in arrangements. Our artful, premium creations elevate every bite, turning moments into delightful experiences.

Celebrations: Celebrate with Patchi's handmade chocolates and luxury gifts. Our vibrant assortments in trays, hampers, and boxes are meticulously designed, blending exquisite touches with premium chocolates. Capture moments, treasure memories, and share your generosity. Patchi's chocolates enhance emotions and connections.

Delectables: Each macaron has a story and is great for personal enjoyment, sharing, or gifting. We use the finest natural ingredients with no preservatives or compromises.

Patchino: Patchino is designed for kids! It offers colorful characters, tasty chocolates without additives, and fun gadgets. From chocolate bars to bonbons, Patchino's range is perfect for daily treats, sharing, gifts, and parties.

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