interning a flower business

Interning In a Flower Business

Oct 8, 2022

Mary Malakyan
Middlesex University
Bachelor of Commerce - BCom, Accounting, and Finance

I am happy to share that I  completed my very first internship at Flower’s Square in 2019. My work revolved around administrative functions, market research monitoring, and customer service. I had the ideal platform to expand my skill set and practice different marketing strategies. During my experience, I had the opportunity to interact with numerous clients from different backgrounds and cultures, which polished my communication and problem-solving skills.

Something I highly admired was how the management engaged with their employees. They were very open to any innovative ideas and would take their time to consider my propositions. They always gave me credit for the work that I did and recognized my efforts in different tasks. From my time there, I can surely state that Flower’s Square encounters a vast variety of clients per day, and it takes teamwork plus appropriate quality controls to ensure that all of them are satisfied with their experience.

Thanks to the unmatched team, we achieved great heights in quality control and received many lovely reviews from the clients. Nevertheless, the company ensured to engage with all stakeholders, which again allowed me to handle queries on different fronts of the business.

Overall, the warm welcome I received on my first day pertained throughout my internship, and I was exhilarated to cooperate with everyone at Flower’s Square. It was particularly enjoyable to be amongst flowers and see those beauties each day. I cannot be more grateful for the knowledge and skills I have gained during my time there and I would recommend the next person to take the chance when it comes to them.

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