Best Valentine's Day Flower Bouquets & Boxes in Dubai

Best Valentine's Day Flower Bouquets & Boxes in Dubai

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Valentine's Day in Dubai is a celebration of love and romance, marked by the exchange of gifts, sweet gestures, and, most importantly, flowers. Flowers, with their timeless beauty and fragrance, have always been the most expressive gifts of love. Here's a guide to the best Valentine's Day flower bouquets in Dubai that will help you express your love in the most beautiful way possible.

Roses Boxes

Roses are synonymous with love, and a box of roses is a classic Valentine's Day gift. You can find exquisite rose boxes that come in various sizes, colors, and presentations. Whether you prefer long-stemmed red roses arranged in a luxurious box or a mixed color arrangement, there's something to match every taste. These boxes not only look elegant but also keep the roses fresh for a longer time.

Valentine's Day


Forever Roses

For a love that lasts forever, forever roses are the perfect symbol. These preserved roses can last for up to a year or more without water, maintaining their beauty and feel. Available in a rainbow of colors, forever roses are presented in beautiful boxes or domes, making them a unique and lasting gift for your Valentine.

"Nominal Blossoms" Flower Boxes

Imagine a box filled with 550 spray roses in a stunning mix of red and white, with the name of your loved one written amidst the blooms. This grand gesture is not just a bouquet but a personalized piece of art that spells romance. Such an elaborate arrangement is sure to leave your loved one in awe and make a statement of your deep affection.

3D Heart Rose

Take your expression of love a notch higher with a 3D heart-shaped rose bouquet. This innovative design combines roses in a three-dimensional heart shape, creating a visually stunning gift that embodies love and passion. It's a fresh take on the traditional heart-shaped arrangements and is bound to impress.

Heart Rose


I Love You Box

Express your love straightforwardly and elegantly with the "I Love You" box. This arrangement features a box of lush red roses with white roses spelling out "I Love You." It's a direct and heartfelt way to convey your feelings, combining the classic beauty of roses with a personal touch.

365 Red Roses

For each day you've cherished together, a bouquet of 365 red roses symbolizes your love for every day of the year. This lavish and incredibly romantic gesture is a way to show your commitment and the endless love you have for your partner. It's an unforgettable Valentine's Day gift that speaks volumes.

Chocolates and Flowers


Combos of Chocolates and Flowers

For those who believe love is both sweet and beautiful, combos of chocolates and flowers are the perfect choice. Pairing luxurious bouquets with gourmet chocolates creates a delightful gift that appeals to all senses. Whether it's a box of dark chocolates with a peony bouquet or milk chocolates with tulips, these combos are sure to please.

Peony Bouquet

Peonies, with their lush, full blooms and soft, romantic hues, make for an exquisite Valentine's Day bouquet. Symbolizing prosperity, good luck, love, and honor, peonies are a sophisticated choice for someone with a preference for elegance and luxury. Their delicate appearance and fragrance make them a favorite.

Tulip Bouquet


Tulip Bouquet

Tulips are another popular choice for Valentine's Day, known for their vibrant colors and elegant shape. A bouquet of tulips can symbolize perfect love and is a refreshing alternative to traditional roses. Available in a wide range of colors, tulips can convey different messages depending on the color you choose, making them a versatile and thoughtful gift.

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