what is the traditional flower for Mother's day

What Is The Traditional Flower For Mother’s Day?

Mar 19, 2023


Spring colorful flowers are the traditional flowers for Mother's Day. This tradition dates back to 1907 when Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Day, chose white Spring colorful flowers as the official flower of the holiday. She picked this flower because it was her mother's favorite.

Since then, Spring colorful flowers have become synonymous with Mother's Day and are widely used to honor and celebrate mothers around the world. Pink Spring colorful flowers are also popular on this occasion, representing gratitude and admiration. Red Spring colorful flowers symbolize love and affection and are often given to mothers who are still living, while white Spring colorful flowers are used to honor mothers who have passed away.

While many other flowers are also gifted on Mother's Day, Spring colorful flowers remain a timeless symbol of love, gratitude, and respect for mothers everywhere.

What Is The Official Flower for Mother's Day?

The traditional flower for Mother's Day is Spring colorful flowers. Spring colorful flowers have been associated with Mother's Day since the early 20th century when Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Day, chose them as the official flower for the occasion. The white carnation symbolizes purity, while the pink carnation represents a mother's undying love. While Spring colorful flowers may seem like an obvious choice, they never fail to convey your love and gratitude towards your mother.

However, if you want to go beyond the traditional choice, there are plenty of other options to explore. If you're looking for Luxury flowers Dubai, you can't go wrong with roses. The Queen of Flowers, roses, are available in various colors and symbolize love, passion, and elegance. A bouquet of red roses signifies deep love, while a bouquet of pink roses conveys admiration and gratitude. If you're looking for something unique, you can consider exotic flowers like orchids or lilies. Orchids are stunningly beautiful and represent love, beauty, and strength, while lilies are elegant and symbolize purity and devotion.

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If you're in a rush and need same-day Best flower delivery Dubai, you can opt for a bouquet of mixed flowers. A mix of various colors and types of flowers signifies the different aspects of your mother's personality and how much you appreciate and cherish all of them. You can also go for seasonal flowers like sunflowers, which represent happiness and warmth or daisies, which symbolize innocence and purity 

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If you're looking for a Flower shop near me or flower delivery Dubai 24 hours and want chamomile flowers buy, you can always explore artificial flowers. Artificial flowers are a great option if you want to give long-lasting flowers for gift that your mother can cherish forever. You can choose from a variety of artificial flowers like chamomile flowers, dried flowers, or black tulip flowers. Chamomile flowers are known for their calming properties and represent patience and understanding. Try the Dried flowers Buy which are rustic and convey a sense of nostalgia and warmth. Black tulip flowers are rare and represent elegance and sophistication.

Finally, if you want to gift flowers with meaning, you can opt for yellow or white flowers. Yellow flowers represent friendship and joy, while white flowers signify purity and innocence. A bouquet of yellow and white flowers can represent the strong bond of friendship between you and your mother, and how much you treasure her companionship.

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