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Lily Roses delivery

Lily and Roses Box

AED 259.00
Lily and Roses Box is a charming arrangement for happy occasions and celebrations. Order now to get yours delivered to your doorstep.   Height: 40 Cm Width: 35 Cm The...
Hydrangea Box, Cake and Balloons

18% OFF

Hydrangea Box, Cake and Balloons

AED 399.00AED 329.00
Surprise your loved ones with our special Value Package! Our Hydrangea Box, Hazelnut Fudge Cake and 3 Golden Helium Balloons are sure to make your special occasion unforgettable. Crafted with the...
Summer Flower Box

9% OFF

Summer Flower Box

AED 319.00AED 289.00
Bring the beauty of summer into your home with this Summer Flower Box. Radiant with colorful blooms, the box contains a mix of vibrant flowers sourced from farmers around the...
Funky Blooms Bouquet

Funky Blooms Bouquet

From AED 279.00
Bring life to any space with our Funky Blooms Bouquet! Blending a variety of unique, vibrant blooms, this delightful bouquet will have everyone admiring its beauty and style. Perfect for...
Summer Breeze flower Box

Summer Breeze Box

AED 299.00
Escape the hot summer days with the glowing beauty of the Summer Breeze Box. Featuring a stunning flower arrangement of deep hues, this elegant box will bring a refreshing breeze...
Pink Enchanted Rose in Flowers' Square

Pink Enchanted Rose

AED 229.00
The never fade Enchanted Sparkly Rose represents Faith in Love Forever. This gift is unique to appreciate the magical existence of women in our lives. This replica of the Enchanted...
1 Forever Rose Blue in Dubai

17% OFF

1 Forever Rose Blue

AED 299.00AED 249.00
Forever roses with unique preservation method can sustain its freshness for 3-5 years without watering and management, keeping your love eternal. Order this forever love.   Size and Flowers Height:...
Mellow Spirit Bouquet by Flowers Square

Mellow Spirit Bouquet

From AED 239.00
The Mellow Spirit is an ideal bouquet choice for anyone looking for something light and airy. Its beautiful lite colors offer a calming and serene atmosphere, with the perfect mix...
Purple Vase Decors Online delivery

Purple Vase Decors

From AED 109.00
Introducing our Purple Vase Decors, a stunning floral composition that combines the beauty of nature with the artistry of design. This captivating arrangement features a variety of gorgeous purple flowers,...
Flowers Square Mini Floral Burst 3

Mini Floral Burst 3

From AED 119.00
The Mini Floral Burst is a charming and delightful floral arrangement that brings a burst of color and beauty to any space. This petite bouquet features a mix of fresh...
Heart Shape Rubber Balloon

Heart Shape Rubber Balloon

AED 10.00
Heart Shape Rubber Balloon can greatly compliment the flowers and sweets for her.   Height: 35 Cm Width: 35 Cm The balloon is filled with helium.
Red Velvet Cake  Flowers shop
1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg

Red Velvet Cake

From AED 229.00
Our silky smooth Red Velvet Cake is one of the most unique in the UAE. With its mouthwatering layers of cream cheese and mesmerizing red texture, it adds a touch of luxury to...