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Tiramisu Cake by Flowers' Square Shop

Tiramisu Cake

AED 199.00
Delicious mascarpone cream, layered with coffee-soaked biscuits, dusted with cocoa and encased in a thin layer of chocolate and nuts. 1 kg cake serving 8 – 10 People.   Size Weight: 1KG
Blueberry Cheesecake by Flowers' Square Shop

Blueberry Cheesecake

AED 199.00
Enjoy a biscuit base with layers of cream cheese and delicious blueberry . A light and fruity cheesecake that pleases everyone. 1kg cake serves up to 8-10 people.   Size Weight: 1KG
KitKat Tall Cake by Flowers' Square Shop

KitKat Tall Cake

AED 249.00
KitKat Cake has layers of milk chocolate cream with KitKat crunch at the center of a moist cake. Topped with KitKat crunchy truffles, milk chocolate cream, and white chocolate cream....
Lotus Cake Flowers shop

Tall Lotus Cake

AED 235.00
Layers of Lotus-flavored soft sponge cake with luscious cream. Rich lotus drip topped up with biscuits and crunchy Speculoos wrapped up in chocolate. This 1.5 kg cake serves up to 12 people!...
Oreo Cake in Flowers Square shop

Tall Oreo Signature Cake

AED 239.00
Layers of moist dark chocolate cake, filled with Oreo cream and topped up with chocolate drip and Oreo biscuits. This Tall Oreo Cake 1.5 kg cake serves up to 12 people!  ...
Raspberry Cheesecake by FS Shop

Raspberry Cheesecake

AED 199.00
Our raspberry cheesecake has a creamy cheese filling with a delicious raspberry topping. 1 kg cake serving 8 – 10 People.   Size Weight: 1KG
Chocolate Crunch Cake by Flowers' Square

Chocolate Crunch Cake

AED 199.00
Delight everybody with layers of chocolate sponge filled with chocolate mousse topped off with deliciously crunchy praline that adds a crispy texture to your cake. This 1 kg cake serves 8-10 people....
Pistachio Nutella Cake

Pistachio Nutella Cake

AED 199.00
Enjoy the combination of pistachio, chocolate and hazelnut flavors with the rich pistachio sponge filled with buttercream and Nutella filling. This Pistachio Nutella cake can be a perfect Birthday cake, Graduation cake, Anniversary...
Snickers Cake online delivery

Snickers Cake

AED 199.00
A cake reminiscent of a Snickers bar, including moist chocolate and crunchy peanut butter layers, topped with frosting and glazed salted caramel for a luxurious finish. 1 kg serves 8 – 10...
Nutella Cake  Flowers shop

Nutella Cake

AED 199.00
If you are a fan of rich and decadent Nutella this chocolate cake would surely be your favorite. Layers of moist chocolate sponge, filled with Nutella – as delicious as it is...
Raffaello Cake by Flowers' Square Shop

Raffaello Cake

AED 199.00
The twist we bring to the Raffaello chocolate in the form of a cake is sure to delight you. The blend of coconut and white chocolate flavors will tempt you for more...
Mocha Bean Cake Flower Square

Mocha Bean Cake

AED 199.00
Moist chocolate sponge layered with creamy coffee mousse and a crunchy base. This is the ultimate cake for coffee lovers. 1 kg serves 8 – 10 people.   Size Weight: 1KG

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Celebrate special moments with sweetness and style by exploring our delightful collection of birthday cakes at Flowers Square. Each cake is a masterpiece, crafted with care and creativity to add a touch of magic to your celebrations.

From classic Tiramisu to the innovative KitKat Tall Cake, we offer a delightful array of flavors and designs.

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