What flowers are for celebration?

What Flowers Are For Celebration?

Jan 5, 2024

Celebrating big achievements is always better with a bouquet of flowers. Let's find the perfect flowers to give to someone who deserves a celebration. 



When you want to say congratulations, sunflowers are great. They are bright and happy. Their yellow petals and dark centers show joy and happiness. 


Roses are always beautiful and smell nice. They're known for expressing feelings, including saying congratulations. Roses come in different colors, and each color has a special meaning. 


Tulips are soft-colored flowers that are great for saying congratulations. They come in many colors, and each color means something different. Yellow tulips show joy, and pink tulips show admiration. They are perfect for congratulating family and friends on special occasions.


For a fun and happy way to say congratulations, daisies are a good choice. Their delicate petals bring joy and positivity. Daisies, either in a bunch or just one, make people happy and show that you're excited for them.


If you want a fancy and special way to say congratulations, orchids are perfect. They represent beauty, luxury, and success. With their unique shapes and bright colors, orchids look amazing. They show admiration and give heartfelt congratulations in a classy way.


For something mysterious and fascinating, oriental flowers are a great choice. Oriental lilies are big and beautiful, showing elegance and sophistication. Their rich colors and lovely smell make them exotic and charming. Orange lilies are a warm and sweet way to say congratulations.


Carnations are also a great choice for saying congrats. They come in vibrant colors and have intricate petals. Whether you choose pink carnations to express happiness or red ones for heartfelt congratulations, carnations are a perfect gift!

How do I choose flowers for an event?


Flowers make events look pretty and they bring nature to parties. Picking the right flowers is important to make the event special. This guide helps you choose the best flowers for different occasions.


Weddings are super special, so choose flowers that match the theme and colors. Classic flowers like roses, lilies, and peonies always look good. Soft pastel flowers, like blush roses, make it romantic. Bright flowers, like sunflowers, add color to rustic or boho weddings.


Birthdays need happy and colorful flowers. Use the birthday person's favorite colors. Bright flowers like gerbera daisies, tulips, and lilies make great bouquets. Mix different flowers for a cool and pretty arrangement.

Corporate Events:

For work events, choose flowers that look classy and professional. Orchids, calla lilies, and tropical flowers are perfect. Stick to neutral colors like white, cream, and green for a polished look. Tall flowers or simple designs match the work setting.

Dinner Parties:

At dinner parties use seasonal flowers in warm colors like ranunculus, daisies, or carnations. Add candles or greenery for a cozy feel without blocking the table.

Baby Showers:

For baby showers, pick flowers based on the baby's gender or theme. Soft colors like baby pink or powder blue are good. Delicate flowers like roses, daisies, and chrysanthemums show the purity of a newborn.


Anniversaries are about love, so classic red roses are great. But you can also choose the recipient's favorite flowers. Orchids, tulips, and peonies are lovely choices that show love and beauty.


How many flowers is appropriate? 

To make someone happy with flowers, it's not just about picking fresh and pretty ones. The size, color, and how many flowers are in the bouquet matter. The color is mostly about personal taste, but the number of flowers is crucial. Giving the wrong number might make the person disappointed instead of happy. There aren't strict rules on how many flowers to give, just suggestions based on cultural traditions and common sense. Knowing these suggestions can help you avoid awkward situations when giving flowers.

Cultural Traditions:

Before Christianity, even and odd numbers meant different things. Even numbers symbolized balance and rest, like stopping or the end of a life cycle. Odd numbers represented movement, like the ongoing journey of life. So, in our culture, it became a tradition to give bouquets with an even number of flowers to someone who passed away. For living people, we give bouquets with an odd number of flowers.

What color flowers for celebration?


Orange flowers have a special meaning. They show enthusiasm, excitement, and passion for work and life. They also represent success, joy, warmth, and happiness. This bright and cheerful flower color is perfect for celebrating a new job, a promotion  and many more joyful events.

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