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1 Forever Rose Red free delivery

17% OFF

1 Forever Rose Red

AED 299.00AED 249.00
Forever roses with unique preservation method can sustain its freshness for 3-5 years without watering and management, keeping your love eternal. Order this forever love.   Size and Flowers Height:...
3 Forever Roses Red - Flowers Square

24% OFF

3 Forever Roses Red

AED 499.00AED 379.00
Forever roses with unique preservation method can sustain its freshness for 3-5 years without watering and management, keeping your love eternal. Order this forever love.   Size and Flowers Height: 40 Cm...
grand sunflower bouquet price

20% OFF

Grand Sunflower Bouquet

AED 299.00From AED 239.00
Introducing the Grand Sunflower Bouquet - a stunning and impressive display of nature's beauty. The bouquet is made up of large, golden yellow sunflowers with a backdrop of lush greenery,...
Indoor Plant delivery in Dubai

Indoor Plant

AED 229.00
Home mannequin with artificial flowers introduce a lavish irresistable class.Have them placed around your décor.
Happy Birthday Flower Box

18% OFF

Happy Birthday Flower Box

AED 279.00AED 229.00
Celebrate the special occasion of a loved one's birthday with our Happy Birthday Flower Box! This stunning arrangement is the perfect way to send your warmest wishes and make their...
Mini Peony Bouquet

Mini Peony Bouquet

From AED 349.00
Add a touch of elegance to any room with our Mini Peony Bouquet. Perfectly arranged and hand-picked, this bouquet features delicate pink and white peonies, making it the perfect gift...
Snow White Roses Order Online in Flowers' Square Shop

Snow White Roses

AED 399.00
Grandiose White Roses Arrangement that will bliss any atmosphere. Order this magnificent box for your loved ones.   Height: 60 Cm Width: 65 Cm The box comes in Fresh Mix...
Haze Fragrance Bouquet

Haze Fragrance Bouquet

From AED 299.00
Bring an enchanting scenery to your home with the Haze Fragrance Bouquet. This complex and captivating bouquet of floral notes has a calming yet invigorating feel that will create a fresh and uplifting...
Red Queen flower Bouquet

11% OFF

Red Queen Bouquet

AED 449.00From AED 399.00
Celebrate your love with this breathtaking Red Queen Bouquet! This stunning arrangement features a mesmerizing classic red roses in elegant wrapping, expertly hand-selected for their beauty and freshness.   Size and...
Ocean Blue flower Bouquet

14% OFF

Ocean Blue Bouquet

AED 349.00From AED 299.00
A stunning arrangement of blooms that perfectly captures the essence of the ocean. Handcrafted with care by expert florists, this bouquet is a great gift for him.   Size and Flowers Height:...
Lily Roses delivery

Lily and Roses Box

AED 259.00
Lily and Roses Box is a charming arrangement for happy occasions and celebrations. Order now to get yours delivered to your doorstep.   Height: 40 Cm Width: 35 Cm The...
Hydrangea Box, Cake and Balloons

18% OFF

Hydrangea Box, Cake and Balloons

AED 399.00AED 329.00
Surprise your loved ones with our special Value Package! Our Hydrangea Box, Hazelnut Fudge Cake and 3 Golden Helium Balloons are sure to make your special occasion unforgettable. Crafted with the...