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valentine gift

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Red Rose Box, Cake and Balloons

AED 599.00AED 499.00
Delight your loved one with this romantic combination of roses, cake, and balloons! This Rose Box includes beautiful red roses and a delicious cake, as well as three balloons. Share...
blue roses with box in flower shop

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Blue Flower Box

AED 649.00AED 499.00
Take your special one to a magical world with this Blue Flower Box! This perfect addition to any room will fill the air with beauty and tranquility, thanks to its...
Best valentines bouquet dubai

Rouge Elegance

AED 480.00
Introduce a touch of elegance into your decor with our Rouge Elegance arrangement featuring gorgeous red roses. Enjoy vibrant color and a timeless beauty that's guaranteed to bring joy to...
Graduation Flower Plate

Graduation Flower Plate

AED 399.00
Celebrate your graduate's accomplishment with the Graduation Flower Plate! A meaningful gift for graduates of all calipers, this plate is crafted with premium porcelain and decorated with an elegant floral...
 Valentine forever red rose

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Forever Rose, Cake and Balloons

AED 699.00AED 599.00
This Forever Rose, Cake and Balloons combination is the perfect way to make a special day last forever! Red roses symbolize love, the cake celebrates the occasion, and the balloons...
valentine gifts

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Patchi Teddy Flower Box

AED 599.00AED 549.00
Surprise your special one with the Patchi Teddy Flower Box. A heartfelt bundle of delicious Patchi chocolates, a cuddly Teddy Bear and a romantic Red Roses Box. All beautifully presented...
Graceful Harmony of flowers

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Graceful Harmony

AED 669.00From AED 619.00
Graceful Harmony is a beautiful bouquet that radiates peace and serenity. Its delicate mix of soft colors and fragrant blooms will mesmerize your senses and create a calming atmosphere. Enjoy...
Lavish Flower Box

Lavish Flower Box

AED 989.00
Introducing the Lavish Flower Box, a stunning floral box guaranteed to impress. Filled with vibrant, fresh flowers carefully arranged in a luxurious box, this is the perfect centerpiece for any...
Graduation Chocolate Flour Box Blue Velvet 1.8 Kg

Graduation Chocolate Flour Box Blue Velvet 1.8 Kg

AED 429.00
 The chocolate box is expertly curated to include a variety of decadent flavors and textures, ranging from creamy milk chocolate to rich dark chocolate, and everything in between. Whether you're...
Happiness large box in Flowers' Square shop

Happiness Large Box 3 kg

AED 369.00
Happiness Large Box 3 kg

Graduation Flowers Near Me
Make their graduation day even more special with our stunning graduation flower plate, lavish flower box, and delightful chocolate flour box. Choose the perfect graduation flowers & chocolate gift! Find out why a floral, chocolate gift is the perfect way to show how proud you are of their accomplishments.

Order to Get Flowers For Graduation?
Celebrate their achievements with Flowers' Square, where free delivery in Dubai makes your occasion more convenient.

Graduation Flowers in Dubai
Discover an extensive array of graduation flowers, cakes & balloons, and gifts to commemorate the achievements, whether they're graduating from elementary school, high school, or college! Celebrate their milestones with a thoughtful selection of congratulatory offerings.